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When you think of an office space, drab, dull cubicles, fluorescent lights and grey walls usually spring to mind. Creative surroundings can have a positive impact on an employees’ creativity. The University of Texas found that greys, beige and white office induced feelings of depression and sadness, especially in women. One of the best perks of being self employed is having creative control over the office decor. Here we showcase 5 amazing office designs which have been developed to inspire and motivate employees

Pixar employees have their own cubicles, some working in house huts, others working in shared space


What list is complete without the Pixar Studios in California? Pixar employees have their own cubicles, some working in house huts, others working in shared space. put but each is customised to its owner’s taste. John Lasseter’s own office is known to be filled to the brim with toys.

Inventionland, Pittsburgh

Described by TINYpulse’s “coolest, sleekest, and most employee-friendly offices around the world,” Inventionland certainly inspires their employees. There are currently 16 themes including a mockup pirate ship (our personal favourite!), a tree house and a castle.

Urban Outfitters, Philadelphia

Designed by Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle from the shell of a dilapidated navy shipyard in Philadelphia, the Urban Outfitters campus have magically transformed this once old industrious building complex into a creative and inspiring light filled space to house its employees.


At Rover, every day is “bring your pet to work day.” Rover connects “pet parents with dog people who’ll treat their pets like family” and believe that “every day resolves around dogs.” This dog-walking and pet-sitting service boasts an impressive 91,150 square-foot space that has room for more than 700 employees… and their dogs. You can ready about the office’s dogs on their blog: Daily Treat


Inspired by a sense of “Belonging Anywhere,” the AirBnB workspace is based on its fundamental concept by creating a variety of workspace options. “We don’t tell people where they work; instead we create cultural moments,” explained Rebecca Ruggles. “We celebrate our hosts and employees [from all over the world] with graphics on the wall. We also created an abstract version of a canal boat with private workspaces called ‘duck ins.’ We highlight our listings in our meeting rooms which are themed from actual homes around the world.

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