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Website Maintenance and Website Training

Mayo and Donegal Based Web Design Agency Pretty Owl Designs
Pretty Owl Designs provides clients with dedicated website support and website maintenance packages.

Business and organisations with a small IT team can oftentimes struggle to keep their websites up-to-date and functioning properly.

Ever-shifting internet usage trends and back-end software updates can wreak havoc on a website’s functionality, resulting in frustrated clients and potential lost sales.

Pretty Owl Designs support and maintenance packages provide full site assessments. We run complete back-end diagnostic tests to quickly and effectively diagnose and repair potential problems.

Along with checking for errors, we can also advise and action design updates, to bring older websites more in line with current internet trends and modern design best practices.

Our Website Support &
Maintenance Packages

  • Wordpress Training

    Interested in managing your own website. Pretty Owl Designs provides interactive and supervised WordPress training, that teaches clients the fundamentals of WordPress. From adding blogs to ensuring all web pages follow best SEO practice, we lift the mystique of website maintenance and can train anyone to professionally manage and maintain a WordPress website.

  • Website Security Reviews

    Hacked or compromised websites can have a potentially devastating effect on customer confidence. Error messages and security alerts can lose a business sales, or tarnish an organisation’s brand. Rogue elements, including corrupted plugins or out-of-date security certificates, are quickly flagged in modern browsers. Leading to a website being blocked or adversely affecting a websites search engine ranking.

    Our security review service identifies and provides solutions to security issues before they can damage the prestige of your business.

  • Maintenance packages

    With ever-evolving search engine algorithms, and sifting design and functionality trends, stagnant websites can de little to improve a business’s online performance. Pretty Owl Designs maintenance packages ensure that a business or organisation’s website remains at the very forefront of online trends. We ensure the functionality of a site is maintained and optimised for the users, whilst identifying any potential issues or problems.

  • Bi-Monthly Updates of Website Plugins

    Out-of-date plugins can have an adverse effect on a website’s functionality and security. Sites with compromised plugins can throw-up error messages and can even be blocked by browsers. Pretty Owl Designs runs a bi-monthly plugin update service that ensures your website’s continuing compliance with the latest plugin updates.

  • Bi-Monthly Backups Of Website Files and Databases

    Depending on the importance of your website to your business, a website being deleted, lost or hacked can have serious financial implications and can damage a business or organisation’s reputation and brand. Pretty Owl Designs provides bi-monthly backups of website files and databases, which ensures the safety of all online assets.

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